Ethical Hacking: The skills you need to train for

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Hacking, though it has always been perceived in a negative way, but maybe that’s where you’re wrong.      

I agree that when it comes to hacking there are no ethics involved, but why the term Ethical Hacking then?

What is Ethical hacking really and why has it become so popular?

“A computer and networking expert who, on behalf of its owners, systematically     tries to penetrate a computer system or network to identify vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker might exploit.”

But why is it so important that it has become a career choice now?

In the last few years with the technological advancement, our systems and our data have become vulnerable to intrusions and breaches by the “hackers”.

Hence every organization has become aware that there will always be a flaw in the system that these attackers will look to exploit. Hence a need was felt for experts who could think like those attackers and penetrate the organizations system but now with the company’s cooperation and instructions.

“Yahoo strikes $117.5 million data breach settlement after earlier accord rejected”

“Personal information of 57 million Uber users and 600,000 drivers exposed.

This just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more cases similar to these.

Even these giant companies like Yahoo, Uber, eBay and what not, are not immune to these attacks.

Now that you have understood that why ethical hacking is important and that there is huge demand for White hat hackers. Let me point some crucial reasons as to why you should be training as an Ethical Hacker.

  • You’ll be an asset to the organization you work for

With the current trends related to the technological advancement, organizations will constantly be under threat of a cyber-attack.But the presence of an ethical hacker will not only secure their system from attackers but will also act as an assurance to their clients.

  • Addition of a new skill on your resume

Ethical Hacking has been listed in the top 7 tech skills that you must have on your resume and I couldn’t agree more.Ethical hacking is intended to rectify weaknesses against hackers who raid information-stealing systems. This is another interesting certification capable of adding value to your CV.

  • Expand your Mindset

Anyone can use a tool and scan a system and find errors and loopholes in it.But an ethical hacking training can help you think beyond that, beyond just the numbers.After completing a training in Ethical hacking, you will not only be able to debug a system but also will be able to think like a criminal hacker, understand how they operate and find solutions how you can protect your organization’s business from them.

  • Get better at programming

Hacking expertise can be used in nearly any sector of information technology. For instance, if you are programmer or working as a software developer the skills that learnt in ethical hacking can be of use to find bugs and errors in your software. This is way you’ll be providing a much better product for the market.

  • A fancy pay structure

The fact that you will be an asset to your organization also means that they will be willing to do anything to keep you from leaving.Which points to a great PayScale. And top of that you will be getting paid to think like a Black hat hacker and penetrate the system of your firm. How cool is that!!!

Pursuing an ethical course will surely give you boost in professional career, but one must remember that there is a thin line between being a white hat and black hat hacker and it must never be crossed.

Also just completing an Ethical hacking industrial training does not mean that you’ve become an expert in the field. A certification can only help you gain the basic knowledge about hacking, but in this ever changing industry with new tools and techniques coming into light all the time one must keep themselves updated.

To be the best at what you do you must be willing to go the distance and never stop learning because if the learning stops so will your career growth.

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