How Can an Ethical Hacker Secure Your Business?

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Those who are considered outsiders for the Cyber Security community or are beginners in the field can face several uncertainties while talking about Ethical hacking. The first that arises is of how it is ethical? Why there is so much need for competent ethical hackers in the Cyber Security industry. 

Here we will discuss how ethical hackers can help you secure your website from malicious hackers and severe cyber-attacks and how can a complete beginner learn about the tools and techniques used in this process.

Evolution of Ethical Hacking as a Profession

An ethical hacker’s job is to penetrate an organization’s computer system or network with the permission of its owners or designated authorities. They find security holes or vulnerabilities that can potentially be exploited by a malicious hacker. It should be understood that it is ‘ethical’ because it is being done with permission and authentication. 

A career aspirant can become a successful ethical hacker with adequate knowledge of scanning, testing, hacking and securing information systems. A good understanding of intrusion detection and prevention with hands-on experience can engage some robust vulnerability assessments. Complete beginners with less knowledge in Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking things can pursue an ethical hacking training program to excel in themselves on Intrusion Detection, Policy Creation, Social Engineering, DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows, and Virus Creation. 

How does the process work? 

A successful test tends to ensure no vulnerabilities existed in a network or a system by withstanding automated cyber-attacks and incompetent hackers. In the beginning, business organizations mulled that restricting the access to the networks and systems were the steps they could take to prevent cyber-attacks and threats proactively, but later they realized that with evolving technology that could not be enough to do to restrain such attacks. The best they could do it was to perform the regular checks to identify existed vulnerabilities in the systems. 

Ethical hackers utilize objective analysis techniques to analyse a company’s exposure to information security standards. A business organization may sometimes have no knowledge of their organizational security exposures that can be accumulated to gain desired results. Ethical hackers can check for security holes, entry-level checks, and an approach to leverage the best of available resources. Such strategies can provide with a better assessment of the direct impacts of frequent cyber threats to the growth of a business organization. 

Possibilities in future

With the increasing complexity of security threats, there has been an immense need for ethical hacking professionals within business organizations of all sizes in recent years all across the globe. A proactive strategy to counter security attacks can help companies to secure their data resources, financial assets and information system efficiently. Smart security policies, procedures, and strong architecture can prevent frequent data leaks and mitigate possible risks easily. 

Data breaches have become frequent as there are lots of incidents happening including threats and vulnerabilities of all scales such as stealing someone’s credit card credentials. In a few instances, the government may lose information records of their customers including their private email published on external websites. Those with a strong passion in this field can pursue an ethical hacking certification excelling in and validating their skills from a recognized organization. 

In an age of rising international tensions among countries or different organizations, cyber criminals are breaching security systems of their rebels and causing adverse impacts to their security features by injecting malware or denying access to their information systems. Business organizations typically face the issue of updating hack-preventive techniques, installation of several technologies in order to secure the system before it gets hacked by some malicious hackers.

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