How to Deck the Halls This Holiday Season


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If you stick to these guidelines, your Christmas tree will look great every year. These detailed instructions are simple to implement and provide excellent outcomes. The Christmas tree in your home will be the focal point of holiday gatherings.

Turn the lights on

Decorating is a breeze with the help of a pre-lit fake tree. The bendable branches hold up well under the load of the baubles and may be reshaped as required to accommodate hooks or other ornamental hardware. If you decide to decorate your tree yourself, remember to use the exact number of rows of bulbs (100 small bulbs each thread) as the tree is tall. A tree of standard height requires 800 lights, which would be 8 strands for a tree of standard height.

I recommend working your way around the tree from the top down since this is the most efficient way to add lights. Make sure the wire can be plugged into the socket before proceeding further. Wrap the lights around the tree in a spiral pattern, starting at the bottom and working your way up, down, up, down, etc. Compared to stringing lights down the tree’s trunk and circling it, this method is much simpler. To make the tree more three-dimensional, place lights inside towards the trunk. Possibly the most underappreciated aspects of interior design, yet crucial.

Dress up with some bows and garlands

You should hang the garland after you’ve finished hanging the lights. The tree may be decorated in a variety of ways, using materials like broad ribbons or beaded strands. Distribute the garlands across a pre lit Christmas tree

so that there is roughly the same quantity of room among each continuous line. Keep the garland “moving” as you hang it. The ribbon should be twisted, bent, and draped casually over the branches. If you want to incorporate beads, make sure the strands droop and hang loose as you wrap them. Your garland shouldn’t seem like it was stretched too far.

Instead of garland, you might use large bows or knots made from thick ribbons. Stagger them at equal intervals in a zigzag pattern. If you want a vertical effect rather than a horizontal one, you may skip the garland and just put a big bow on the tree’s crown with a matching ribbon dangling down from it.

Instructions for displaying Christmas decorations

Avoid using the ornament hangers that you have to twist backward forward in order to attach to the ornament, which is one of my favorite recommendations. I find that a combination of these and these hangers work well for me. They can be quickly attached to the decoration ring and detached just as quickly when it’s time to store the decorations. The fact that I can buy these in gold to complement the rest of the furnishings is a nice bonus.

You should start decorating with the biggest or most eye-catching items. Make sure to stagger or zigzag them while placing them. That way, the viewer’s attention will be constantly drawn to new parts of the tree. You may fill up the tree’s interior just as you would with lights by hanging simple ball decorations from the inner branches.

It’s important to remember the roots of the tree as well

Add a tree skirt and make sure it matches the rest of the decorations. You might also choose a simple white or off-white skirt that can be worn with anything. Wrapping the tree’s trunk with blankets, tablecloths, or anything else you can think of is a nice touch. You may spice up the tree’s presence by placing an ornamental item underneath it. Include non-gift items such as miniature trees, animals, Santa figurines, nutcrackers, snowmen, a railway track, an antique cart or ski, etc. The presents should be wrapped to match the color scheme of the tree.

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