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Nand Bhavan Nandgaon (Lord Krishan) Temple Timings

DaysMorning TimingsEvening Timings
Sunday10 A.M  To 2 P.M4 P.M To 10 P.m
Monday10 A.M  To 2 P.M4 P.M To 10 P.m
Tuesday10 A.M  To 2 P.M4 P.M To 10 P.m
Wednesday10 A.M  To 2 P.M4 P.M To 10 P.m
Thursday10 A.M  To 2 P.M4 P.M To 10 P.m
Friday10 A.M  To 2 P.M4 P.M To 10 P.m
Saturday10 A.M  To 2 P.M4 P.M To 10 P.m

Nand Bhawan Nandgaon Aarti Timings Updated (Verified by Pries)

DaysMorning TimingsEvening Timings
Sunday4 A.M  To 4:30 A.M6 P.M To 6:30 P.M
Monday4 A.M  To 4:30 A.M6 P.M To 6:30 P.M
Tuesday4 A.M  To 4:30 A.M6 P.M To 6:30 P.M
Wednesday4 A.M  To 4:30 A.M6 P.M To 6:30 P.M
Thursday4 A.M  To 4:30 A.M6 P.M To 6:30 P.M
Friday4 A.M  To 4:30 A.M6 P.M To 6:30 P.M
Saturday4 A.M  To 4:30 A.M6 P.M To 6:30 P.M

Nand Bhawan Nandgaon Bhog Timings Updated

DaysMorning TimingsEvening Timings
Sunday1 P.M  To 1:30 P.M8:30 P.M To 9:00 P.M
Monday1 P.M  To 1:30 P.M8:30 P.M To 9:00 P.M
Tuesday1 P.M  To 1:30 P.M8:30 P.M To 9:00 P.M
Wednesday1 P.M  To 1:30 P.M8:30 P.M To 9:00 P.M
Thursday1 P.M  To 1:30 P.M8:30 P.M To 9:00 P.M
Friday1 P.M  To 1:30 P.M8:30 P.M To 9:00 P.M
Saturday1 P.M  To 1:30 P.M8:30 P.M To 9:00 P.M

The best time to visit the Nandgaon temple is during festivals or throughout the year.

Nandgaon temple closing timing is 10:00 P.M, so one can visit this at any given time from morning to evening in this temple.

Nand Bhawan Temple Nandgaon Entry Fee

No entry fee

Nand Bhawan Nandgaon

As we all know, India is a blessed country to have beautiful temples with different amalgamations of different cultures, different religions, and many languages.  

Nand Bhawan is one of the famous temples across India made to worship Lord Krishna. This temple is also known as the Nandgaon temple. Nandgaon temple is situated on Nandgaon road, Uttar Pradesh.

This pleasure of the supreme almighty draws the pilgrims to his home, the Brij Dham. Every and every area tells a different story about Lord Krishna. Due to Kanha’s connection to these places from Mathura to Nandgaon-Barsana, they are preferred destinations for pilgrimage vacations. According to legend, Lord Kanha sought refuge at Nandgaon from Kansa’s cruelties.

Nand Maharaj, Shri Krishna’s foster father, lived in Nand Bhavan in Nandgaon. 

Nandgaon temple is 30 kilometers from Mathura and is close to the Nandiswar hill in the south. Nand Bhawan is perched on top of a mountain peak that is covered in lush greenery all around and the rolling mountains at the back make it more glorious. 

My Experience at Nand Bhawan Temple Nandgaon

My Family planned a trip to Nandgaon. we went there by train. we came to Kosi Kalan railway station then I asked a local person, how to reach Nandgaon. he suggested that pick an auto or bus in front of the railway station. it cost us only 15 rupees per person to reach Nandgaon. we show a big statue of Shani Dev between the way of Kosi Kalan. I asked a person who told me this is Kokilavan Dham Shani dev Temple way.

we reached the Nandgaon bus stand. local calls it Rangeeli chowk. we did breakfast with Kachori and Jalebi. after that, we reached the temple. we had the darshan of Shri Radha Krishana and saw the beauty of Nandgaon. Temple is on the top of the hill. we saw the green field. after that, we went to some other places in Nandgaon like Asheshwar Mahadev Temple and Charan Padadi Vrinda Kund.

Nandgaon is a good place to visit. people are also very helpful, food is also good.

History of Nand Bhawan Nandgaon Temple

Uttar Pradesh, is Nand Bhavan temple, the home of Nand Maharaj, Shri Krishna’s foster father. On top of Nandishwar Hill, only 9 kilometers from Barsana, sits Nand Bhawan, also known as Nandgaon Temple. It holds a particular place in the hearts of every Krishna devotee because it was there to witness the entire childhood and youth of Lord Krishna and his brother Baldevji. Throughout the year, thousands of tourists and devotees stop by the Nandgaon temple while traveling to Mathura or Vrindavan. It is believed that Nandbaba, Yashoda Maiya, Lord Krishna, Balram, and the entire Gokul population moved from Gokul to Nandgaon and lived there. It is the only temple where Yashoda Mata, Nand Baba, Lord Krishna, and Balaramji are all revered. The idols of Lord Krishna, Balaram, Yashoda, and Nanda are positioned in the main shrine. There are idols of Radha Rani, Revathi, Balramji’s wife, and Rohini, the latter’s mother. The entire Nandbaba family is represented in this way in the temple complex, and the temple trust also oversees daily worship and offerings. 

There is an intriguing tradition around Nandishwar Hill, according to which Lord Shiva had satisfied Lord Krishna and requested a blessing to be spectators of his youthful pursuits. Then Lord Krishna commanded Lord Shiva to build a hill in Nandgaon. When that happened, Lord Shiva assumed the shape of the hill that would later become Nandishwar Hill. Here, Nandishvar refers to “the lord of Nandi,” one of Lord Shiva’s well-known names. As a result, the name Nandishvar derives from Lord Shiva, who is thought to live here in the shape of a hill and watch over Lord Krishna’s pastimes. One of the important Upvans or sub-forests of Vrindavan, where the father of Nand Baba once resided, is Nandgaon but later had to move to Gokul because of torture. 

Description of the Nandgaon Temple

One of the most revered temples in Nandgaon is Nanda Bhavan, often referred to as Nandagram Temple, which was constructed on the same site as Nand Maharaja’s former house. It was constructed by Raja Rupa Singh and is the sole shrine where Lord Krishna’s foster parents, Nand and Yashoda, are honoured. The idols of Lord Krishna and Balaram are situated inside the temple compound. The idols of Yashoda and Nanda are situated to their right and left of them, respectively. The statues of Radha, Rohini (Lord Balaram’s mother), and Revathi (Lord Balaram’s wife) are placed next to the idol of Yashoda. Accordingly, the images of Sudama and Madhumanhala (friends of Lord Krishna) are placed next to Nanda Maharaj.  

Although more recent research dates it to the 19th century when King Rupa Singh constructed a huge temple. Nand Bhavan is located at the summit of Nandishwar hill and spans a sizable area. To access it, you need to walk a short flight of stairs to the entrance. Nandbhavan features expansive open areas amidst places that have fascinating rooms and important locations where past stories and figures from Lord Krisha’s time are mentioned. The inside walls and ceiling are covered in stunning murals and frescoes that vividly depict the childhood games that Lord Krishna and Baldevji used to play in the house. Yashoda Maiya used to embellish Balrama and Krishna daily in various ways.

What is the Nandgaon Temple Famous for?

The town is thought to be the place where Lord Krishna’s foster parents, Shri Nandji and Yashoda, lived. After leaving Gokul to flee the demons dispatched by Kansa to assassinate Lord Krishna, they moved to Nandgaon permanently.

People come to worship and know the stories of the Lord’s youth and a childhood spent with his brother Baladeva are told in Nand Bhawan. According to legend, Shri Radha used to visit on mother Yashoda’s loving instructions. She used to make delicious meals for Shri Krishna with tremendous joy. Then, Krishna would dine with his guests in the Bhawan’s dining room before relaxing in the bedrooms. A popular destination for Hindu pilgrims is Nand Bhavan. Devotees travel from all over the world to this location to immerse themselves in the timeless force and establish spiritual connections.

Nand Bhawan Temple Nandgaon Images

Nand Bhawan

How to Reach Nandgaon Temple

As a significant Hindu pilgrimage site, a Sapt Puri, and a popular tourist destination, Nandgaon draws visitors from all over the world on an annual basis. It has excellent road, rail, and aviation connections to all of India’s main cities. Nearly every part of India may be reached by train from Mathura’s major railway junction, which is only 55 kilometers from Nandgaon. The closest airports are located 110 and 120 miles apart from Nandgaon in Agra and Delhi, respectively. where flights are available to all major cities in India and around the world. Both public and private transportation options are available at the airports to get you to Nandgaon.

It is only 10 kilometers from Barsana, 30 kilometers from Govardhan, 32 kilometers from Jatipura, 55 kilometers from Mathura, 48 kilometers from Vrindavan, and 67 kilometers from Gokul. It is 110 kilometers from Agra and 120 kilometers from Delhi. You can easily travel to Mathura by direct bus from places like Agra, Delhi, etc., and then on to places like Nandgaon.

Google Map Location and Address –

Address– P9GJ+WF5, Nandgaon Rural, Uttar Pradesh 281401

Images of Nand Bhawan Temple Nandgaon

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