What are The Best Four Programming Languages to Learn for Cyber Security

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The world has become more extensive and technology has played a significant role in making this possible. However, among facilitating technological transformations, malicious cyber activities may disrupt the benefits. Cybercriminals identify the vulnerabilities in the systems of organizations and then exploit those vulnerabilities to damage information systems and the financial assets of the customers. 

To become a Cyber Security professional, one may need to excel in a wide set of skills which includes the use of effective security tools and techniques. It is also important to have an understanding of several programming languages that may be used while in the process of Cyber Security.

Along with customized operating systems, there are hundreds of other tools used to detect vulnerabilities in organizations as a part of the process of Cyber Security. In this order, there are several development assets used to secure the information systems in an organization. 

Here we shall discuss the best programming languages you need to learn to become a Cyber Security professional. 


JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages added interactively to almost every modern website. It is considered the best usable programming language to work with cookies, optimization of event handlers, and function cross-site scripting (XSS).

XSS is a hacking technique used by hackers to find input flaws on the website and taking over the website. With a good knowledge of JavaScript, you can secure your website from such scripting attacks and eliminate the risks of its occurrence. 


Python is a highly popular programming language of this age. Along with data science and artificial intelligence, Python is now also being used in Cyber Security applications to create attack simulations, intrusion detection systems and scan wireless networks with no presence of the dependency of third-party tools. 

Its rich code readability and easy syntax with an extensive number of libraries are few significant factors claiming it as an effective programming language even for Cyber Security applications. 

Structured Query Language (SQL)

The database is a crucial process element for any business enterprise engaging more data-driven and powered by SQL-based database management systems. SQL is highly preferred as a programming language when used to manage databases. 

Most of the hackers these days exploit companies’ databases to gather information related to their personal and financial assets. With a mastery of SQL, you can secure the databases and restrain such malicious activities by escaping hackers to perform SQL injection attacks, find vulnerabilities in systems and exploiting them for their illegal uses. 

C & C++

With an educational background in Computer Science, it is required to have a good knowledge of C and C++. these languages can be used to access a low-level IT infrastructure that might not be well-secured and can be exploited with no big efforts. This ultimately helps organizations to counter vulnerabilities and utilize reverse-engineering in the process to ensure sustained Cyber Security. 

In the End

Cyber Security professionals utilize effective security techniques to counter and inhibit such attacks. There is a drastic increase in the number of incidents related to Cyber Security breaches. Thus career-seekers have leveraged numerous career opportunities because of the high requirements of Cyber Security professionals by organizations. 

To become a competent Cyber Security professional, you may attend an online Cyber Security Course with certification where you can understand all the important tools and techniques used in the process of Cyber Security. Most of the programming languages discussed here are effectively used in building automated tools to analyze websites or comprehend the levels of their security against such attacks.

You can also pursue an online programming course on the programming language of your choice or requirement. Excelling in all the above-discussed skills can help you to restrain a severe cyberattack as an excellent Cyber Security professional. 

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