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Data security and privacy have become crucial with the evolution of technology. The digital transformation of businesses makes it hard to ensure the safety of data. Cell phones and computers are essential for the growth of small enterprises. Employers must provide the employees with these gadgets for better work performance.

           Employers provide different types of gadgets with different operating systems to employees. Yet, the employer must know how to handle data when it comes to data protection. It is the data on which the business is growing. This is the data through which small companies generate revenue. This data when falling into the wrong hands can cause a downfall to the business. The companies that take care of the protection of data are less likely to suffer losses due to data breaches. The importance of data safety is very critical for the growth of the business. There are many possible ways of data loss or theft and how monitoring apps are beneficial in small businesses?

1. Data breaching by Cyber criminals.

The hacking of systems is quite often happening around the world. Data systems that are volatile can be compromised. Hackers are always there hunting easy prey. Small business enterprises do not bother to enhance data security systems.

2. Data breaching by human error.

Human error is the most common reason for data loss in the blink of an eye. Employees delete some important files or some useful links by mistake. Which in the future becomes the reason for data corruption or hacking.

3. Intentional Data Theft.

 In a fast-moving world, the difference between black and white is very nominal. Competitors in the markets do anything to be on top. Hiring key employees from competitor company on for spying purposes is one of these things. Secret and confidential data of the company is in the custody of employees. Most of the time, these are loyal employees but one cannot be sure about this. What if a company’s top-secret data like a list of customers, their addresses, and names are in hands of a competitor company? Small business owners must introduce a data safety mechanism to restrict data theft. We will discuss some of the useful tips which employers can use to backup and secure important data and

Use Cloud services.

           One of the most advanced features of the digital world is data storage solutions. Tech companies offer data cloud services to store the data. There are many benefits of using cloud services. The data is saved in a secure location. The second is that this data is accessible from anywhere anytime. Companies provide end-to-end encryption for data storage so that no one can access this data. Small business enterprises can engage these companies on reasonable charges. 

 Use external hardware

           External hardware like an external hard drive, CD/DVD, and USB is very useful when it comes to data backup. No need to hire a company for this purpose. Business owners can themselves save data in external hardware sitting in the office. The storage hardware is available in the market with a range of storage sizes. Business owners can choose to depend upon the size of the data.

 Use Surveillance Apps for employees

           Small business owners work hard to keep the workforce in line and productive. There are a number of loopholes in small businesses. A careful observation of employees is necessary to maintain the system. Employers provide their employees with gadgets like cell phones and computers. The monitoring of these company-owned gadgets is possible. There are many surveillance apps available in the market for monitoring purposes. The employer can install the tracking app in the company-owned gadget. This will help the employer to track all business activities performed on the gadget, either cell phone or desktop computer. Spying apps such as TheOneSpy and Ogymogy have useful tools to tackle the issue of data theft. Some of these tools are:

· GPS location

· SMS monitoring,

· Email monitoring and

· Surround recording

The employee monitoring app is also compatible with Android, IOS, and windows. Small business owners can have a spying eye on employees if the company-owned devices have these tracking apps. Business owners can also control time and resources wastage issues using tracking apps. The price plans are affordable. Operational instructions are simple. A remote platform is available for monitoring and data access purposes.

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