Tungnath Temple Specialties, Nearby Hotels, And Dharamshalas


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Tungnath is the World’s Highest Shiva Temple!

Tungnath Temple Specialties, Nearby Hotels And Dharamshalas

In the Rudraprayag District, it is situated among the beautiful mountains of Tungnath. It is one of the Panch Kedars and is 1000 years old. It is a beautiful spot to visit, especially for adventure seekers who will have a great time trekking to reach the temple. It is a wonderful combination of spirituality, beauty, and peace, making it a beautiful and eye capturing place to visit. 

What are the Specialities of Tungnath Temple?

What are the Specialities of Tungnath Temple?
  • This temple is very famous as it is 1000 years old and devotees travel across the world to worship Lord Shiva.
  • Tungnath Temple is placed on the top with an altitude of 3680m. 
  • The height of the temple is more than 12000 feet which is above sea level. 
  • According to legend, Arjuna, the third Pandava brother, laid the foundation for this temple.
  • Legend claims that Lord Rama meditated here in order to be free from the curse of Brahmahatya for killing Ravana.
  • The smaller temples of Pandavas found here are the main attraction of this temple. This has something to do with the Mahabharata time and the journey to heaven.
  • There is an idol of Shiva near the temple’s entrance, as well as a natural source of water a little closer to the holy place.
  • Tungnath is located at the peak of the Alaknanda and Mandakini valleys, which offers spectacular views of the Himalayan mountain.

What are the Nearby Hotels to Stay?

Here are the list of nearby hotels where one can stay comfortably:

The village retreat resort:

This resort is 17.93 km away from Tungnath Temple. 

This resort costs around 6,500 Rs

Check-in time: 12:30 PM and check-out time: 10:30 AM.

Facilities included are free wifi, Daily housekeeping, Free parking, etc.

 For more details click here

Himalayan Comfort:

This resort is 17.83 km away from Tungnath Temple.

This resort costs around 2,475 Rs.

Check-in time: noon to midnight and check-out time: 10 PM

Facilities include free wifi, Parking included 24/7 front desk, etc.

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Regenta resort Maduganga Ukhimath:

This resort is 15.98 km away from Tungnath temple.

This resort costs around 8,767 Rs.

Check-in time: anytime and check-out time: 11:00 AM

Facilities include: free wifi, AC, Breakfast available, etc.

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Verdant valley:

This resort is 16.69 km away from Tungnath temple.

This resort costs around 2,750 Rs.

Check-in time: 10:00 /AM and check-out time: 10:00 AM

Facilities include:  Parking included, Breakfast available, etc.

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KedaraYatih Resort:

This resort is 22.88 km away from Tungnath temple.

This resort costs around 3,069 Rs.

Check-in time: 12:30 PM  and check out time:10:30 AM 

Facilities include: Free wifi, Daily housekeeping, Free Parking, Breakfast available, etc.

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Goroomgo New Basera:

This resort is 27.79 km away from Tungnath Temple.

This resort costs around 4,531 Rs

Check-in time: 11:30 AM and check-out time: 10:00 AM

Facilities include Free wifi, Daily housekeeping, Laundry, etc.

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What are the Nearby Dharamashalas to Stay?

Birla Dharamshala:

Birla Dharamshala, located near the Uttarkashi bus terminal, is one of the greatest places to stay because it provides reasonable accommodation with adequate facilities for travelers.

Baba Kali Kamli Dharmashala:

Baba kali kamli Dharamshala is an excellent choice for individuals, couples, and families. Services are offered based on the needs of visitors, and charges are reasonable.

Shri Ramanad Kutir:

Shri Ramanad Kutir is a well-known Dharamshala in Lakshmeshwar, offering clean and comfortable rooms with minimal amenities.

Shri Kailash Ashram:

Sri Kailash Ashram is located on Gangotri Road and provides quiet accommodation and facilities to visitors. This ashram is surrounded by lovely scenery and is easily accessible.

Kamla Bhavan Cottage:

The Kamla Bhavan Cottage is in a wonderful setting with stunning views of the surrounding area. The rooms are clean and pleasant, and the facilities are well-equipped. It also features a garden where guests can rest.

Shiv Kanwar Sewa Samiti:

Sri Kanwar seva samiti is located in the picturesque village of Matli in the district of Uttarkashi. This Dharamshala provides guests with basic resorts.

For more details and information regarding Dharamshala, one can click here.

Tips to Travel Safely in Tungnath Temple:

1. No photography is permitted within the temple.

2. Visitors must bring trekking boots, a heavy winter jacket for the cold, sunscreen, water, and any doctor-prescribed medications.

3. Bring waterproof trekking shoes because there is a considerable risk of slipping on the snow. Shoes can also be rented at the trek’s start point for roughly INR 200. You can also bring a walking stick to help you along the way.

4. If there are no charging stations along the hike route, you can bring a power bank with you to charge your phone.

5. Network connectivity is limited along the walk route. The internet connection is unreliable and only supports 2G.

What is the Best Time to Visit Tungnath Temple?

What is the Best Time to Visit Tungnath Temple?

To be more specific, the greatest time to visit Tungnath for darshans is between mid-April and the end of October. It is the time when the temple is open for visits and darshans.

If you are merely visiting for hiking, you can come at any time of year. The journey is open virtually the entire year. However, we normally advise people not to come here during the monsoon season (June-July.) The valley’s excessive rainfall can disrupt your trekking experience. Furthermore, climbing the Chanrdrashila top becomes difficult with heavy rains.

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Reviews & Ratings

Madhurendra Narayan Tiwary- The place is so scenic and sacred.
This is the highest Shiva temple from sea level in the world.
The trek is not so easy but it’s fulfilling and gives you a sense of accomplishment and devotion when you complete it.
Chandrashila is one kilometer ahead of it.
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What is the starting point of the Tungnath Trek?

the starting point of the Tungnath trek is Chopta.

Is camping permitted at Tungnath Temple?

You are not permitted to camp anywhere in the grounds, according to an order issued by the Uttarakhand High Court. As a result, camping is not permitted at Tungnath. You can, however, arrange to camp in Chopta.

What Trekking Equipment is available for rent in Tungnath?

When planning your walk to Tungnath, you do not need to purchase essential hiking equipment such as sticks/poles, boots, and gloves. Rather, rent them at the hiking trailhead. You only need to pay a security deposit (INR 200-500), which will be refunded after you return the equipment.
Trekking pole rental is Rs. 50.
Trekking boots can be rented for 100-150 Rs.

What are the medical facilities provided?

Tungnath’s nearest hospital is at Ukhimath. It is a government hospital providing fairly basic medical services. Chopta and Tungnath have no hospitals. You can travel with a medical kit. If you have breathing problems, you should visit your doctor before embarking on your journey.

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