Wonderful Things For Employers To Rejoice About Phone Spy Apps For Android

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Not something unexpected or really shocking but do you know a survey by salary.com states that

  • 62% women and 69% men confessed about internet browsing for a personal reason during official working hours. 

Of course, the internet is one big diversion. So if you are expecting one lavish sale on your favorite brand or there is an important game on a weekday you can’t just stop yourself from checking out the details. Admit it or not this is unethical and immoral at every level. As an employer, you cant just wait for employees to just get it together themselves. They need a push and the OgyMogyphone spy app for android is here to offer the assistance. You can enjoy some of the basic as well as very advanced features to keep an eye on your employees. Details are as follows. 

App Usage:

With OgyMogy you can monitor the installed app and its usage on the employee’s app. Of course, we are talking about those gadgets and app lists that are company-owned and are given to the employees with the intention of work use. Check out the work-related app’s activity and track any extra app installment in the company-owned device.

Web Browsing :

Monitor who waste time on social media or online shopping. Check out what kind of websites are mostly visited by the employees and if they are work-related or not. The feature is very useful especially for young employees who are easy to distract and can waste the company‚Äôs resources. With the OgyMogy track internet browsing history feature, you can keep eye on browsers such as firefox, google chrome, safari, etc. 

Productivity Reports:

Day-to-day productivity reports are necessary to maintain a steady work environment at any office. With the phone spy app for android check out the time spent on the phone in working hours and monitor the overall productivity of every employee. The real-time screen monitoring feature is also available for laptop and desktop versions. You can buy the Mac and Windows spy app version and can directly make a surprise visit to the desktop screen of the employees as well. 

Ensure Toxic-Free- Work Environment:

A healthy and toxic-free work environment is beneficial for both employees and employers. A good working environment enhances the productivity of the employees. Different features of the OgyMogy spy app can ensure that. For example, you can assure fair work distribution in every team and department by monitoring the real-time screen activities of the employees. Moreover, the mic bug or listen to android feature can also be very handy in this perspective. Listen to surroundings sounds, indoor chats, and meetings of the employees and track any bad fish right away.  


With easy access to smartphones, the possibilities are limitless. You can be a hero, a whistleblower, a traitor if you have a smart gadget in your hand. You can text, use the internet, social media posts, emails everything and much more can be achieved by using the gadgets. But no need to be fearful, as with the OgyMogy phone spy app you can have access to every keystroke applied on the target employee devices. Know about any secret accounts, and remotely know about their id information and password. 

Gmail Monitoring :

Mostly emails are the most common way of correspondence in the professional world. Use the employee monitoring feature and check the email details of employees regularly. You can even read the sent and received email content with attachment details as well to track any trouble. Monitor any suspicious employee thoroughly and catch him/her right in time red-handed. OgyMogy keeps the record of every email on the dashboard for the user. Thus even if the employee tries to get rid of the record from the device, you will have it with a complete time and date stamp.

Skype Screen Recording:

There is no space for harassment, gender or race discrimination, or work bullying anywhere. Every employer must make sure they give equal opportunities to every employee as it’s the least they owe them. Get eyes in the official chat groups with the help of Instant messenger monitoring features like skype screen recorder, Whatsapp screen recorder, and more. 

It’s time to incorporate advanced technology like employee monitoring and phone spy apps for android in our work lives to raise the bar.

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