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In today’s blog, I am going to share my experience and review about Captain’s Cafe, Gwalior. It is an amazing & unique cafe located at the city centre. Earlier I have covered Cocina Highway Retreat Restaurant which is another good restaurant in the outskirts of Gwalior.

Captain’s Cafe Gwalior

Captain’s Cafe in Gwalior is the ideal combination of upscale and offbeat restro for your most awaited events. This cafe is a good choice for both indoor and outdoor gatherings. The walls of the dining area are adorned with vintage Hollywood posters and colours inspired by the United States, adding a touch of international flair. The cafe is ideal for birthdays, private parties, and family gatherings. It is quite famous among youngsters and couples because of its unique theme and amazing decor.

My Experience About Captain’s Cafe :

Last weekend I visited the Captain’s cafe in Gwalior on a recommendation from one of my friends and along with him.

After reaching there I was totally satisfied with his suggestion.

The cafe is conceptually well built and aesthetically pleasant and it is a great place to take pictures because of the two massive glass walls, the Café gets plenty of natural light and great furnishings in the background and its overall interior is warmly decorated.

While serving water, one of the staff informed us that the interior design was done by the café’s owner, Mr. Shakti Singh Chauhan. 

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The walls and ceiling are covered in printed comic strips on fabric and posters from classic Hollywood movies such as Scarface, Casablanca, Goldfinger, Rocky, and the Godfather.

The walls are also adorned with models of vintage biplanes, cars, and bikes. Behind the counter is a large black board with your favourite foods drawn with chalk.

This place has comfortable sofas and tables for you to relax, staying true to its essence of a vintage café. Also, the music was fantastic and The cafe also has a small but lovely pool with a beautiful airy terrace seating arrangement.

Captain’s Café’s menu is designed like a tabloid newspaper and offers a wide range of cuisines and items such as biryani, schezwan rice, iced tea, cheese garlic bread, milkshakes, desserts, and much more.

We ordered manchow soup, masala papad, Shahi paneer, stuffed naan & garlic naan.

The dishes in the restaurant were a bit pricey and my bill was approx Rs 1200.

My overall experience was great and

If you are in Gwalior, do not miss Captain’s Café.

Captain’s Cafe in Gwalior Photos

Location, Timings, Price and How To Reach Captain’s Cafe in Gwalior

Nearest Landmark – GST Bhawan

Location – 2nd Floor, Garden Palace, New Collectorate Rd, above GST BHAWAN, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474011

Timings – 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Price – average 600 – 2000 INR

Things I Liked About Captain’s Cafe Gwalior

  • Vegan Choices are also available 
  • Humble staff and service were quick
  • Hygiene was well maintained 
  • Delicious food with good presentation 
  • The view and decorations were awesome 

Things I Didn’t Like About Captain’s Cafe Gwalior

  • Many items in the menu were unavailable 
  • A bit expensive for a city like Gwalior 
  • The quantity of food was less when compared to its price

Hope you like reading our today’s blog about Captain’s Cafe Gwalior, if you are already in Gwalior or visiting as a tourist I recommend you to visit this cafe once. If you have any queries related to this article then please do comment in the comment section below and let us know.

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