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A historic Shiv Mandir from the 11th century called Kakanmath Temple is located in the Morena district not far from Gwalior city. if you wish to take your family and friends to the Kakanmath Shiv Temple but are unsure of how to get there? The ideal route to take from Gwalior city to Kakanmath Mandir in Morena will be described in this blog.

It is said that spirits built the Kakanmath Mandir in a single night. The Kakanmath temple is also referred to as the Temple of Ghosts for this reason. One of the 40 Incredible Places To See Near Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, is Kakanmath Temple Morena.

In this article, you will get to know about the history, statistics, and other significant details about the Kakanmath temple in Morena, near Gwalior. In addition, I will offer you detailed travel advice on how to get to the Kakanmath temple in Madhya Pradesh.

Kakanmath Temple Morena

Here Is My Journey Experience To Kakanmath Shiv Temple From Gwalior:

I travelled to Morena from Gwalior city with one of my buddies to see this heritage temple. We rode our bikes to the Kakanmath temple through the Gwalior-Gohad-Morena route. My road excursion from Gwalior to Kakanmath Temple was enjoyable enough to share with you all.

On my trip to the Kakanmath temple, a buddy told me an excellent summary regarding the temple’s architecture. I thought the story was humorous or a myth, but he was dead set on it. This is what exactly he informed to me:

Because Lord Shiva is also the God of devils, the devils constructed the Kakanmath Shiv Temple in a single night. When devils saw people in the morning, they ran, leaving the temple empty to this day. He further stated that the temple will collapse on the day when the marriage procession of seven deaf grooms is paraded in front of the temple at the same time.

Kakanmath Temple Morena

After arriving at the location, I discovered that the Kakanmath temple is also known as The Temple of Ghosts. When I look closely, I realise that the temple’s structure depicts a lion sitting near a king. The temple is unique in that no cement or glue was utilised in its construction. The stairway at the entry contained two big lion statues, which are currently at the History Museum in Gwalior. Many additional statues were sent to Gwalior.

Kakanmath Temple Morena Timings

DaysMorning to Evening Timings
Monday to SundaySunshine to Sunset

What Is The Description Of the Kakanmath Temple?

The temple is placed on a broad platform and has an entrance with a big domed hall in front of which projects an elegant Mukhmandapa, which is entered by a flight of steps. The major symbol of the temple is a Shivlinga situated in the centre.

Kakanmath Temple Morena

The 100-foot-high shikhara that towers over the shrine is now in disrepair and has lost most of its veneering stones. This damage was most likely caused by an earthquake. Only the main and original portion of the Kakanmath Shiv temple remains today.

Originally, the temple was flanked by a number of secondary shrines, only the bones of which may be seen.

What Is The History Behind Kakanmath Temple?

Shiv Temple Kakanmath is a wonderful structure that is famous for its architectural beauty. The temple is named after Kakanvati, who was most likely the queen of Kachchhapghat monarch Kirttiraja.

This temple was built on her orders about the 11th century A.D. However, the historicity of this 1000+ year old temple is under debate. One theory is that the temple’s name is derived from the words Kanak (gold) and Maha (shrine).

What Is The Best Way To Reach Kakanmath Temple?

  1. From Morena: The distance between Kakanmath Temple and the Morena railway station is around 30 kilometres.

The journey from Morena railway station to Kakanmath temple takes about 30 minutes.

You can take a cab or a taxi from Morena Railway Station to the Kakanmath temple. The travelling fair would cost between 40 and 70 rupees. It will be more convenient for you if you arrive by car because there is a dearth of good public transportation in the area. It is quite simple to get to Kakanmath temple because there are numerous signboards directing you there.

  1. From Gwalior: The Kakanmath temple is located in Madhya Pradesh’s Chambal district. Gwalior is the biggest and largest city next to the Kakanmath temple. And Gwalior Railway Station is one of the oldest in the Chambal division. Almost all trains here on the route stop at Gwalior Railway Station.

The distance between the Kakanmath Temple Morena and the Gwalior railway station is approximately 56 kilometres.

The journey time from Gwalior railway station to Kakanmath temple Morena is approximately 1 hour.

If you are driving, the right approach to get to Kakanmath temple from Gwalior is to use the Gwalior-Gohad-Morena route. To get to Gohad, take the Gwalior-Bhind National Highway (NH-92), then the Sihoniya-Bawadipura village route.

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