The 10 Best Romantic Locations in Dehradun for Couples


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Are you searching for romantic places to go to in the Dehradun town of Uttrakhand? Do you realize which is the first-class location for couples to visit in Dehradun town? If any of these questions brought on you then you definately have come to the proper area. 

Dehradun is a picturesque city set in the Himalayan foothills which can be your favourite romantic vacation destination. With its lush green valleys, misty mountains, and breathtaking views, it is the ideal setting for couples to spend quality time together. 

I’ll take you through some of the most popular romantic spots, best places for couples to visit in Dehradun, private romantic spots for couples in Dehradun, romantic places to visit in Dehradun at night, and hidden places for couples in Dehradun that you can visit with your partner on your next vacation.

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1. Malsi Deer Park

Malsi Deer Park | Dehradun - What to Expect | Timings | Tips - Trip Ideas  by MakeMyTrip

Malsi Deer Park is a modest zoological park nestled in the ethereal Siwalik range in Doon Valley. The surrounding is lively with beauty of nature and animals make it a desirable photographic location. The region is on the fringes of this hill city, some ten kilometres from Dehradun (Rajpur road). 

Malsi Deer Park is an excellent choice for you as  couples and loved ones seeking a romantic weekend away in Dehradun.

2. Maggi Points, Mussoorie Road

Do you dream to enjoy a bowl of Maggie with a view? If you need to experience a short road trip on the lovely outskirts of Dehradun together with your girlfriend or boyfriend then Mussoorie street is the correct place for it. 

Maggie Points in Dehradun are a firm favourite among all age groups. Maggie Points attracts visitors from all over the country, whether they are couples, teenagers, children, or businessmen. Maggie Point is a collaboration of a number of roadside shops on the Dehrradun-Mussoorie road that offer Maggie with Culhad Chai. It is one of those spots that must be in your bucket list if you are and your partner is a foodie.

3. Shaheen Bagh – Riverside Love Huts in Doon valley

Shaheen Bagh Dehradun

Shaheen Bagh’s love huts are nicely built and give all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. Each hut has its own balcony with a view of the river, giving it the ideal area to relax & enjoy the environment. On-site, there is also a restaurant where you may have a romantic lunch before retiring to your hut for the night.

4. Mussoorie Hill Station

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Mussoorie, located at an elevation of 6170 feet above sea level, is one of Dehradun’s most romantic places. It has numerous stunning high peaks, like Lal Tibba and Landour. 

In Mussoorie, you can do a variety of things with your lover, such as go for superb dining or take the trolley to Gunhill. Mountain lovers can enjoy trekking, hiking and paragliding in Dehradun

The best time to visit Mussoorie is during summers, as it offers respite from the scorching summer heat. However, if you are looking for a secluded holiday, come here during winters to witness the snowfall.

5. Robber’s Cave

Are you someone who is looking for an historical but romantic place? Robers Cave can be of your interest. 

The past due 1800s Robber’s Cave is used by robbers to hide from the British. Due to the natural and neighborhood circumstance of this cave, it changed into easiest for the robbers to cover right here. These caves were suitable for robbers to cover here, that is why it came to be called robber’s Cave.

 Cave is a popular tourist site in the village of Anarwala, which is only a few kilometres from Dehradun. This natural feature, surrounded by Uttarakhand’s natural beauty richness, is a famous tourist destination. Couples can also rest in the waters of Gucchu Pani, a favourite picnic site.

6. MDDA Park

Mdda Park in Rajpur - Best Tourist Attraction in Dehradun - Justdial

MDDA Park is a magnificent public park in Dehradun that would fascinate you and your lover. 

It’s a fantastic area to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle and spend quality time with your companion. During the monsoon season, chairs are strategically placed to provide views of the beautiful valley and a pure river.

7. Rishikesh

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Rishikesh is another excellent destination for couples. This lovely village on the banks of the Ganges River has a range of activities for couples to enjoy. There are numerous temples and ashrams to visit, as well as numerous stores and eateries.

8. Buddha Temple & Park

Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Dehradun

This temple must be one of your vacation stops in Dehradun, as it is one of the most unknown place but worth visiting.

The Buddha Temple in Dehradun is a major tourist destination with Asia’s largest Stupa. The walls of the monastery are adorned with exquisite artwork. The temple garden has a wide range of flowers that have been well-managed and cared after. Sit in the garden and learn about the history of Tibet, or attend the nighttime prayer service. 

9. Nainital Lake

Nainital Lake, Nainital: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

This beautiful lake is in the centre of Nainital and is surrounded by lush foliage. It’s the ideal spot for unwinding and admiring Dehradun’s natural beauty. You can also take a boat trip or wander around the lake.

You could take a boat ride experience in Nainital Lake for half-hour to at least one hour. You could go to the Boat residence membership , which is placed close by, to have the excellent momos ever.

10. Cloud Ends

Top 6 Romantic Places to Hang Out in Dehradun - Doon Circle

Cloud’s End is a renowned tourist site in Dehradun since it is the city’s most romantic location. Long hikes can be made here because the hilltops include large tracts of woodland with a broad assortment of flora and fauna. This place is surrounded by cotton-like clouds, making for an amazing spectacle.

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