Top 10 Amazing Attractions To Visit In Kashmir On Your Holiday


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Explore Kashmir, the northern state of India with its breathtaking beauty. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes and cultural richness of the region. There are many tourist spots, including Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, and the Dachigam National Park. Fly into the Gulmarg gondola, and immerse yourself in a spiritual visit to the Shri Amarnath cave temple, and many architectural gems. Discover the enchanting beauty of Kashmir with our diverse Kashmir packages. Majestic mountains, serene lakes, and cultural richness await your exploration.” Kashmir promises a journey of a lifetime with incomparable charm and tranquility for all kinds of travelers. When you are in Kashmir you will be at a magic wonderland of adventures and fun activities amid the great Himalayas. As you travel through the region you will be amazed by the lush meadows and serene lakes all over.

Here are some of the best attractions to visit in Kashmir:

Dal Lake:

Located in the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Dal Lake stands as a symbol of
serenity and natural beauty. It is a must-visit destination for those exploring the region
through our crafted Kashmir tour packages.
Spread over 15.5 square kilometers, Dal Lake is not just a waterbody; it is the life for locals
and a treat for tourists. One of the best activities in Kashmir is the Shikara ride in Dal Lake.
These charming boats allow guests to experience the gentle ripples in the lake. You can walk
around the lake and shop your heart out for a peaceful evening and connection with locals.
You can stay in houseboats during nights on the lake. They provide you with the best
hospitality and ambiance which you will cherish for a lifetime.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden:

Located at the base of the Zabarwan Range, the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden offers you the
horticultural prowess of Kashmir. Spread across a sprawling expanse, typically from late
March to early May, you can see colors blooming. It serves as a canvas for a diverse array of tulip varieties all over the world. As visitors walk through the garden, they get a view of the Dal Lake and surrounding mountains. During the annual tulip festival, the garden transforms into a lively space, dance performances and other cultural activities. Our Kashmir tour packages consider this as one of the best places to visit in Kashmir. It is a Kashmir tourist spot that is suitable for a range of travelers irrespective of Age.

Nigeen Lake:

Surrounded by the verdant hills and tranquil ambiance, Nigeen Lake provides a perfect
holiday visit for peace and serenity. We always suggest you consider Nigeen lake for a
houseboat stay as a key highlight among all Kashmir tourist places. This lake is truly a
heaven for those looking to explore the region’s hidden treasure.
Surrounding the lake, you can visit locals in your free time and learn about local culture. Fill
your taste buds with the Kashmiri cuisines available on the streets around the lake. Nigeen
Lake is often considered as a part of Dal Lake but it is unique in its way and offers shikara
rides and boat rides along With houseboats in Kashmir.

Dachigam National Park:

Dachigam National Park, located in the Zabarwan Range, emerges as a biodiversity haven.
Attracting nature enthusiasts to explore a unique blend of natural beauty and wildlife.
The park covers over 140 square kilometers, The park’s terrain and alpine meadows provide
captivating wildlife and photography views. Several animals are present at this park
representing the rich wildlife in the sanctuary. It stands as the symbol of conversation,
inviting visitors to experience a balance between history and wildlife presentation. If you are
looking for a peaceful and amazing day out then this park is one of the must things to do in
Kashmir vacation.

Gulmarg Gondola:

Elevating your Kashmir vacation to extraordinary heights, the Gulmarg Gondola offers you
adventure and panoramic views. This iconic cable car system carries passengers, to the top of
apharwat peak at 600 passengers an hour. This journey itself is an amazing experience. In
winter the top of Apharwat Peak is a famous skiing destination in Kashmir. You can
participate in skiing and snowboarding after your gondola ride. This cable ride is divided into
two phases. Each phase provides exhilarating views of the valley and Line of Control. The
views come alive with wild flowers and the landscape transforms into a heaven for trekking
in summer making it top of the major attractions in Kashmir.

Shri Amarnath Cave Temple:

Dedicated to lord Shiva, The Shri Amarnath Cave temple stands at the top of the pilgrimage
list in the Himalayas. The yatra typically begins at Pahalgam or Baltal. You can trek all over
the path. Amarnath Yatra is generally held in July – August. Our Kashmir tour packages
include arrangements to ensure a safe and secure spiritual exploration.
During the Amarnath yatra pilgrims encounter local traditions, rituals, and vibrant
celebrations. Take part in this for an amazing Kashmir tourist spot exploration, where the
divine aura of the temple emerges with landscapes, that touch the soul. People from all over
the country take part in this yatra believing in god for A long-lasting happy life.

Jamia Masjid

Get ready to discover the soulful heart of Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, magnificent
Islamic architecture. Built in the 14th century, this spiritual location attracts visitors with its
intricate wooden cravings and courtyard. As a part of Kashmir tour packages, this place is
ranked among the top places to visit in Kashmir for its architecture and history. It can give
space to around 33000 people at once during prayer times. You can witness the beauty of
Persian calligraphy, and immerse yourself in the cultural richness that is carried by the Jamia
Masjid. You can take leisurely walks around the location for a peaceful and tranquil evening.
If you are interested in history and culture then this is a place for you.

Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal, Described as the Abode of Fairies, is a monument of the artistic brilliance of
Mughal architecture. Pari Mahal allows you to witness both Islamic and Mughal architecture
at once. The arched doorways and terraced gardens showcase the elegance of design.
Each level is adorned with gardens, vibrant flowers, and strategically built fountains. As you
go higher you get the panoramic views of Dal Lake and Srinagar streets. As night arrives the
soft lights increase the detailing of architecture, witness this enchanting transformation
among Kashmir tourist places along with Pari Mahal in your Kashmir tour packages for a
more amazing experience along with your family and friends. Don’t forget to take part in
photography when you are at Pari Mahal.

Chashma Shahi

Chashma Shahi located near Raj Bhavan in Srinagar, is divided into three terraces, each
having its unique beauty. Being one of the best attractions in Kashmir, the garden is filled
with chinar trees, enhancing the overall beauty. With our well-crafted Srinagar tour packages,
you can explore Chashma Shahi with all other Mughal gardens. Visiting during summer or
spring will give you views of blooming flowers. Carry your favorite lens to get the best
photography shots as there are pavilions at every level of the garden, offering stunning views.
Chashma Shahi is not only a Mughal architecture but also a place for Kashmir culture. It
reflects the appreciation of royals for nature and gardening.

Shalimar Garden

Srinagar is famous for its Mughal gardens, one of them being Shalimar Bagh. It is a
symphony of Mughal landscaping. Begin your journey at the lowest terrace, enjoy the
flowing water canals, and the sense of grandeur, offering a taste of a bygone era. You will
encounter the Diwan-i-khas on the central terrace. Relish the panoramic views of Dal Lake
from the top of Shalimar Bagh. Ensure that you experience the evening charm and a romantic
ambiance perfect for an evening walk. Unfold the tales of love of this Kashmir tourist spot
along with your loved ones, as you embark on a journey traveling through the Kashmir


In short, a journey through Kashmir valley is a lifelong experience. Travelers unveil a
magical vacation of adventures, culture, and stunning nature views. Our Kashmir tour
packages and Srinagar tour packages are suitable for all kinds of travelers, promising a safe
and fun-filled experience. Embark on this extraordinary vacation with your friends and
family, come join us to create memories that last a lifetime

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