Kokilavan Dham / Shani Dev Temple Kosi Kalan, Mathura, How to reach, Timings, History and more.

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The well-known Shani Dev Temple is located at the Kokilavan Dham in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, close to Kosi Kalan of Mathura district. 

Lord Shani has long been a part of Indian mythology and folklore. Lord Shani is the oldest son of Chaya and Surya Dev and one of Hindu mythology’s most dreaded gods. 

It is one of the most gorgeous temples in Kosi Kalan, Mathura, having a life-size figure of Lord Shani sculpted in black stone.

About Kokilavan Dham

The famous Shani Temple, dedicated to Shani Dev and his mentor Barkhandi Baba. 

The Kokilavan Dham is about 20 acres in size. It also features temples dedicated to Giriraj, Guru Barkhandi Baba, Gokulesh Maharaj, Sri Dev Bihariji, and Navgraha, in addition to Shani Dev’s shrine. The compound also includes two huge ponds and a cow shelter (Goshala). It is the only forest in the Braj bhumi that still exists today.

Saturdays and Shani Amavasya, in addition to the everyday pooja and aarti, are significant days for the temple, and pilgrims gather to the temple on these days.

Pilgrims do a parikrama around the temple and bathe in the sacred Kund.

Devotees think that bathing in the Suryakund at Kokilavan will grant them their wishes. At the temple grounds, there is a sacred tree where devotees offer water and use their fingers to write their desires on a blank wall.

Shani Mandir Kokilavan Kosi Kalan Timings 

Kokilavan Shani Mandir Kokilavan Dham Visiting Time:

Open 24 hours (Sunday To Monday)

Shani Mandir Kokilavan Dham Kosi Kalan Aarti Time:

Morning Aarti – 4 am (daily)

Evening Aarti – 6 pm (daily)

Kokilavan Shani Mandir Bhog Time:

Morning Bhog – between 9am -10am

Evening Bhog – 7 pm

My Experience at Shani Temple Kokilavan Kosi Kalan

I was watching videos on youtube. I saw a video of Shani Dev Temple Kosi Kalan and then decided to visit.

I went there on Saturday because Shanivaar (Saturday) is the day of Lord Shani. There were lots of devotees. Kokilavan dham is on Nandgaon, Kosi kalan road. There is a large statue of Shani dev. once I reached the temple. I started Parikrama which is around 3 kilometers long. There is a Kund near the temple called Surya Kund. As I asked locals about the things I got to know, the temple is fully crowded on Saturdays. after completing the Parikrama. I purchased mustard oil for pooja. There were many pandits or pujaris who helped me in pooja and charged around 200 rupees. There was also a temple of Shri Radha Kishan.

I also took the prasad of Puri-Sabji from Bhandara. There were lots of Bhandaras going on. Devotees were enjoying prasad in Bhandara.

Story of Kokilavan Dham Shani Mandir

As Lord Shri Krishna was born, all the gods gathered at Nandgaon to witness and bless the newborn Krishna. So Shani Dev also came to Nandgaon, but Yasoda, Lord Shri Krishna’s foster mother, refused to let him meet the baby Krishna because she was afraid that seeing Shani Deva may bring bad luck to her son Krishna.

Lord Shani Deva was enraged by this, and he went to the forest near Nandgaon to perform penance. He was fascinated by the fact that he was not permitted to see young Krishna since he was punishing humanity for their karma and thus was simply doing his duty. He was also irritated by the fact that he was referred to as a cruel god.

Lord Shri Krishna, inspired by Shani Dev’s penance, made the spot where they met and promised that anyone who visits Kokilavan Dham Shani Temple will be free of all their troubles.

The temple is located where Lord Krishna has given darshan in the dense forest, and it also holds the shrine of Shani Dev’s guru, Barkhandi Baba. Another legend says that when Lord Krishna was younger, he would come to this forest and play the melody that drew the Gopis. He would transform into a Cuckoo also known as Koyal or Kokila in Hindi when they arrived. As a result, the forest is known as Kokilavan, which means “Cuckoo’s Forest” in English.


This magnificent shrine is located near Kosi Kalan in the Mathura district. The distance between Mathura and Kosi Kalan is approx 43 kilometers.

Kosi Kalan is well connected with Mathura, Agra, and Delhi by train and road. 

Kokilavan Dham Shani Temple Address: Sanjay Singh Vill Post, Bathain Kalan, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, 281403, India


It’s a very old temple dedicated to Lord Shani and his guru, Barkhandi Baba. Devotees from all over India visit this shrine to worship and pray, as well as to appreciate the beauty of Kokilavan Dham Kosi Kalan, Mathura. Devotees say that anyone who comes to a halt and bows their head in reverence to this temple would constantly feel Lord Krishna’s presence around them.

About Kokilavan Parikrama

The parikrama path is well-paved, and it can be completed in 30-45 minutes at a normal pace. There are beggars along the way, but they don’t bother you unless you start giving them something. There are also many monkeys, so do not purchase any prasad before beginning parikrama.

Kokilavan Dham Images

Best Time to Visit

You can visit any time to Kokilavan Dham, but if you come in the summer season then you should come in the morning or Evening.

There is no entry fee for the guests. The temple is open for guests 24 hours a day, and the best time to attend the pooja is around midday at 12pm. People prefer to visit on Saturdays mostly.

Watch the Full Shani Dev Mandir Kokilavan Video on our Youtube Channel-

How to Reach Kokilavan Dham Shani Mandir, Kosi Kalan?

Kokilavan Dham is approx 10 kilometers from Kosi Kalan.

Kosi Kalan is well connected with Mathura, Agra, and Delhi by train and road. 

Via Train– if you are planning to come to Kokilavan Dham by Train then Kosi Kalan is the nearby railway station. Kokilavan Dham is only 10 K.M away from Kosi kalan.

And the distance from Mathura to Kokilavan Dham is approx 50 K.M

How to reach Kosi Shani Mandir (Kokilavan Dham) by road from different nearby cities :

The distance from Delhi to Kokilavan Dham is approx 150 K.M

The distance from Agra to Kokilavan Dham is approx 115 K.M

The distance from Vrindavan to Kokilavan Dham (Shani Dev Temple) is approx 45 K.M

The distance from Nandgaon to Kokilavan Dham (Shani Dev Temple) is approx 7 K.M

The distance from Barsana to Kokilavan Dham (Shani Dev Temple) is approx 14 K.M

The distance from Govardhan to Kokilavan Dham (Shani Dev Temple) is approx 33 K.M

The distance from Jaipur to Kokilavan Dham (Shani Dev Temple) is approx 238 K.M

The distance from Bharatpur to Kokilavan Dham (Shani Dev Temple) is approx 89 K.M

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