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This time, I’d like to tell you about a wonderful spot called “Ratan Garh ki Mata ka Mandir,” also known as “Sarp Dansh se chamatkarik roop se Mukti wali Mata Ratan Garh Mandir.”

Ratangarh Mata Temple

Ratangarh Mata Mandir is 5 kilometres from Rampura village and 55 kilometres from Datia located in Madhya Pradesh.

Such a holy spot is located in a deep forest on the bank of the “Sindh” river. Thousands of devotees visit this temple each year to seek the blessings of Maa Ratangarh wali and Kunwar Maharaj.

Each year on the day of Bhai Dooj (the day after Diwali), hundreds of thousands of devotees flock here to see Mata and Kunwar Maharaj.

According to legend, Chhatrapati Shivaji established this temple after defeating the Mughals.

My Travel Experience To Ratangarh Mata Temple:

I took a car with my friends to Ratangarh. We all went early in the morning, and the climate was ideal for a long drive. We were taking our time and loving the gorgeous weather. The Ratangarh Mata Mandir would be around 65 kilometres from Gwalior and took us over an hour to get there.

Ratangarh Mata Temple

The surroundings on the route to Ratangarh are breathtaking. On the road to Ratangarh, one can get fully involved in the glory of nature. However, avoid travelling there at night because it is an out-of-the-way location with no lights and very poor mobile coverage.

Throughout our journey to Ratangarh, we guys stopped at several sites and took a lot of photographs. There is also a small market at Behat, which is around 20 kilometres from the temple. you guys can get many things whatever you wish to purchase at this market. 

During Monday, lakhs of people travel to Ratangarh Mata mandir to pray. on Every Monday, a small carnival is conducted outside the temple grounds. However, every year during the Diwali celebration of Bhai Dooj, a large fair is hosted at Ratangarh and a large number of people attend this festival.

So basically, my experience visiting Ratangarh Mata Mandir was very good and so relaxing. 

Ratangarh Mata Temple Datia Timings

Open 24 Hours

What Is The History Behind Ratangarh Mata Temple?

Ratangarh Mata Temple

Ratangarh is the name of a mountain that was thought to be a stronghold in olden history. It is located inside a deep forest on the borders of the Sindh River. It was once home to many wildlife including tigers, lions, and leopards, but their travel in the temple regions has been restricted in recent years.

Ratangarh Temple, which is also commonly known as the Temple of Brother and Sister, which is a representation of the love between brothers and sisters. Thousands of devotees come here on Bhai Dooj day during the Diwali festival to pray to Ratangarh Mata and Kunwar Sahab Baba.

There is a common myth surrounding the founding of Ratangarh Wali Mata. Raja Ratan Singh, the prince of Ratangarh, is claimed to have seven sons and one daughter. His daughter was stunning, and word of her beauty spread far and wide. Naturally drawn by her beauty, Khilji ruler Alauddin Khilji stormed Ratangarh and killed Raja Ratan Singh and all his sons.

Ratangarh Mata Temple

According to writings found in the Ratangarh fort and temple, Samarth Ramdas, the guru of Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, visited here in 1666. He spent roughly 6 months in isolation doing spiritual practices in preparation for Shivaji’s release from Agra Fort. After the capture, Shivaji’s mounted commandos rushed him to Ratangarh Mata Temple because the Mughal army couldn’t search the deep jungle.

How Do I Travel From Gwalior To Ratangarh Mata Temple?

Visitors can go to Gwalior via train or plane. Rent/drive a vehicle for 40-50 kilometres on the Gwalior-Seondha road via Behat. After passing through Behat and travelling on Mau road, there is a large approach gate on the right side (a few kilometres before Mau) that will take you to Kunwar Maharaj Temple (around 5 Km towards Mata mountain).

How Do I Travel From Datia To Ratangarh Mata Temple?

Visitors can get to Datia by train (a number of trains stop here), and this temple is around 55 kilometres away. Rent/drive a vehicle to Seondha road from Datia, and after approximately 48 kilometres, take the exit at Charokhra village (1 km before Bhagua Rampura town), and drive approximately 4-5 kilometres on the internal road toward Ratan Garh.

Here are Some fascinating facts About This Location:

This temple is known as India’s heaviest temple bell, which weighs over 1935 kg and was created by Gwalior’s famous creative statues producer Prabhat Rai.

Prabhat Rai’s Award-Winning Sculptures are as follows:

  • The First Gold-Plated Valmiki in the World
  • Raja Bhojpal is 36 feet tall and lives in Bhopal.
  • Shivling 11 Mukhi Ashtadhatu
  • Parsav Nath is 14 feet tall.
  • Banda Bahadur is 15 feet tall.
  • Shivling 12 Mukhi

Anyways Kunwar Maharaj is Ratan Garh Mata’s brother.

It is stated that when they used to trek into the jungle for hunting, all harmful creatures left their poison, thus whenever a toxic animal bites somebody, they put “Bandh” with the name of Kunwar Maharaj on the day of “Bhai Dooj,” the second next day of Diwali, and the impact of the poison disappears. That is why it is indicated on the roadside sign – “Mukti wali sarp Dansh se chamatkarik roop se mukti wali sarp Dansh se chamatkarik Mandir Mata Ratan Garh”

For more information on Ratnagarh Mata temple, one can click here.

Google Map Location and Temple Ratings

Google Ratings- 4.4

Ratangarh Mata Temple Darshan Video

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