Why is Barsana Famous and what Things to do in Barsana?

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Barsana is also known by the name of Vrishabhanupura. In the Mathura district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, there is a historical town and Nagar panchayat called Barsana. According to legend, Radha, the Hindu goddess, and Krishna’s spouse was born and raised in Barsana. It is located in the Braj area. Radha Rani Temple is the town’s top tourist destination. Nearby cities with links to Lord Krishna, such as Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana, and Govardhan draw a sizable number of followers each year. Barsana is a stop on the circuit of Lord Krishna. 

The Radharani Temple is the most notable of the several temples in the vicinity. It is also known as Ladliji (the cherished one) or Shriji, and it was allegedly founded by Vajranabha some 5,000 years ago.

Barsana, which was once known as Brahmasaran, is situated on a ridge’s slope. The Ladli Ji temple sits atop the hill’s four prominent summits, which are seen as a representation of a God.

What is Barsana Famous For?

In addition to being a well-liked pilgrimage site, Barsana is also well-known for the well-liked Lathmar Holi. Lathmar Holi is celebrated differently than regular Holi because, as the name says, sticks are used. According to folklore, Krishna once traveled to Barsana during Holi to meet Radha and taunt her. Radha and her associates began pursuing Krishna with sticks after taking offense at this. Following custom, males from Nandgaon who travel to Barsana are met by women brandishing sticks during the Holi celebration.

What is Barsana Famous For?

History of Barsana

The town where Sri Radha Rani spent her formative years is a jubilant celebration of both her life and her devotion to Lord Krishna. Barsana, a well-known pilgrimage site in Uttar Pradesh, was the site of Radha and Krishna’s holy union. Vrishbhanu Maharaj, who was good friends with Nand Maharaja, gave birth to Radha (foster father of Lord Krishna). Vrishabhanu Maharaj is said to have moved from Raval to Barsana when Nand Maharaja moved from Gokul to Nandgaon. The renowned tourist attraction of Barsana combines spirituality with scenic nature to provide the finest of both worlds.

Radha’s devotion to Lord Krishna is the subject of several stories. According to mythology, Radha saw Krishna as a divinity and identified as his disciple. This prevented Radha and Krishna from ever being married. However, there are a variety of explanations as to why they chose not to enter a holy marital,

What is Barsana Famous For?

with some claiming that Krishna thought marriage was an arrangement rather than love being a pure feeling that is unconstrained by such arrangements.

But even though they didn’t marry , Radha and Krishna had a devotional and romantic relationship. The Uttar Pradesh holy town is filled with a large number of temples honouring Radha and her devotion to Lord Krishna. Along with her friends and her parents, the town serves as a showcase for her formative years and her transcendental hobbies. Radha Rani Temple is the most well-known temple. Man Mandir, Sankari Khor, Mor Kutir Mandir, and Rangeeli Mahal are other well-known sites for pilgrimage.

Barsana is adjacent to Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna was raised, and he frequently visited Radha at Barsana. The festivals, monuments, temples, important tourist destinations, and so on are all linked to the narrative of the Vishnu Purana, which claims that Lord Krishna is the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. That concludes the history and legendary legends of Barsana; now, let us look at some of the most prominent tourist attractions.

Famous places to visit in Barsana:

  1. Radha Rani temple– it is a very famous temple in Barsana. This temple holds a religious and historical ambiance with fabulous and beautiful 


  1. Rangili Mahal- this is a very beautiful eye-catching place famous for its large courtyard and gardens with tremendous fountains and water in the garden.
  1. Radha Kushalbihari Temple this temple was built by the rajputs on the belief where Radha and her friends used to play, relax and spend time together.
  1. Iskcon Temple- this is a famous temple known for its artwork and traditions. This temple is located near Vrindavan where Lord Krishna grew up.
  1. Dhan Bihari Temple this temple was constructed in the 13th century in remembrance of how Lord Krishna helped poor and needy people across the country. This temple is referred as Dhan because it means to donate things to the needy.
  1. Jugal Kishor Temple-it is also known as the Keshi Ghat temple.  It is one of the oldest temples built in Mughal’s era with red sandstone which is situated right in front of Keshi Ghat.
  2. Kirti Temple Kriti was the name of Radha’s mother as this temple is dedicated to Radha’s love towards her mother. This is the only temple in India that has an idol of Radha sitting on her mother’s lap. This temple is near Rangeeli Mahal.
  1. Maan Mandir this was the temple where Radha used to go whenever she used to be upset from her parents or from Lord Krishna. This was believed that on that spot Lord Krishna could do anything with his power and win Radha’s trust.
  1. Shri Radha Damodar Mandir– this temple is situated at a distance of 40min away from Barsana. This is a temple where Radha learned basic education from his guru which included vast knowledge on culture and religions.
  2. Shri Ashta Sakhi Temple- this temple is dedicated to lord Krishna, Radha, and their friends. This is the place where Lord Krishna and Radha would do Raas Leela. Inside the temple, you will see the pair of Lord Krishna and Radha and also their 8 sakhis(friends).

Holi played in Barsana

Holi of Barsana, a region 42 kilometers from Mathura and the location of Radha’s birth, is of particular importance. In order to play Holi with the Barsana girls and raise their flag over Shri Radhikaji’s temple, men from Nandgaon, the home of Krishna, come to this location. However, the gopis welcome them with sticks rather than colours. As a result, Holi is now known as Lathmar Holi.

Men are smart enough to arrive fully armoured since they are aware of the sort of greeting they would receive and the knowledge that they cannot take revenge that day.

The men of Barsana had their chance the next day. In revenge, they invade Nandgaon and paint the local ladies with palash, a naturally occurring orange-red dye, and kesudo. Today, the Nadagow ladies defeated the Barsana invaders. It is a vibrant scene.

However, the state tourist board has put up good viewing areas for the general public in the interests of tourism and safety. The most impressive show of the celebrations is reserved for a vast open field on the town’s outskirts.

On various days, the numerous Krishna temples continue the weeklong Holi celebrations. The festivities are a riot of colour and, of course, good times.

Special food in Barsana

Apart from all the religions, cultures, and beliefs, Barsana is also known for its famous foods. These foods include:

  • Jalebi and kachori
  • Mathura ke peda
  • Milk, rabri and Lassi
  • Ghewar
  • Makhan mishri 
  • khaman , Dhokla and poha 
  • Bhalla papdi

Best time to visit Barsana

The main tourist destinations in Barsana add to the town’s attractiveness and cultural legacy. The majority of the celebrations are related to Lord Krishna because the town is devoted to his devotion, and these times are the greatest for travel to the area.

Deepavali, Lathmar Holi, Shri Krishna Janmashtami, and other celebrations are only a few of these unique times when Barsana is at its most beautiful. Other than these occasions one can visit anytime and take a look at the beautiful temples, places, and people of Barsana. 

How to reach Barsana?

Barsana is the place where you will find no railways or no airport facilities. One has to travel by using roadways. The nearest railway station is 25 K.M far from Barsana called Kosi Kalan Railway station and Mathura Junction is also. From Kosi Kalan, you can come by Bus and auto. 

The nearest airport is Delhi airport, from where you can come by Cab.

Mathura and Vrindavan, the two cities nearest to Barsana, are well-known for their religious sites of importance and other monuments that serve as reminders of their rich cultural and traditional legacy. 

Both of these cities have built road networks that link to Barsana and to other significant cities in Uttar Pradesh with relative ease. In order to visit Barsana after seeing Mathura or Vrindavan, road transportation is always the best choice. 

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