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Nandgaon is around 8.5 kilometers north of Barsana. It is a small town about 50 kilometers north of Mathura. This holy land of Lord Krishna is an unmissable destination. Nandgaon, known for its hilltop shrine, has been home to Lord Krishna for 9 years and 50 days since his foster father, Nanda, carried him out of Gokul.

According to Hindu epics, Lord Shiva requested that Lord Krishna reside at Nandgaon as a hill, hence the Nandisvera Temple on top of the hill has a shivalinga. Nanda Bhavan or Nandagram Temple, where devotees make a pilgrimage, is another best place to visit in Nandgaon. Near the hill in Nandgaon, there is a small but sacred lake named Pavana Sarovar, which is another religious site to view in this Uttar Pradesh. Another popular tourist destination is Charan Pahari, which attracts a significant number of devotees. It’s a location where there’s an imprint of Lord Krishna’s foot, which is thought to be genuine.

Places to Visit Nandgaon:-

Charan Pahari

charan pahadi nandgaon mathura
Charan Pahadi Nandgaon

The hill of Charan Pahari near Nandgaon is a noteworthy name among the several precious religious sites in the Mathura area, famed for the impressions of Lord Krishna’s foot. This sacred tourist attraction, located on the southwest side of Nandgaon, also known as Nandagram, has a tradition that dates back to the period when Lord Krishna used to live here. Lord Krishna climbed to the top of the hill and played his flute after entering the cave of Luk Luka Khandar. The melodic sound of the flute interrupted the sakhis’ meditation, and they rushed to catch a glimpse of him playing the flute. The sound of the flute is said to have melted the entire hill, revealing the impressions of Lord Krishna’s foot. Not only that but the surrounding hill where all the sakhis were playing is supposed to have melted as a result of Lord Krishna’s flute’s lovely sound. The impressions of sakhis’ feet and hooves can be found on this slope.

Charan Pahadi Nandgaon Timings– Open all the time for Visitors

Nand Bhavan (Krishan Bhagwaan Temple in Nandgaon)

nandgaon temple
Nand Bhavan Nandgaon

Nand Bhavan Nandgaon, also known as Nandgaon Temple, is one of Nandgaon’s most revered temples. It was built on the same site as Nand Maharaja’s former palace. The renowned temple, which is located atop Nandishwar Hill, dates back to the 19th century. It was established by Raja Rupa Singh and is the only shrine dedicated to Lord Krishna’s foster parents, Nand and Yashoda. The idols of Lord Krishna and Balaram may be found inside the temple compound. The idols of Yashoda and Nanda are placed on the right and left sides of them, respectively. The images of Radha, Rohini (Lord Balaram’s mother), and Revathi (Lord Balaram’s wife) are positioned next to the idol of Yashoda. The images of Sudama and Madhumanhala (Lord Krishna’s companions) are also put next to Nanda Maharaj.

Asheshwar Mahadev Temple

Asheshwar Mahadev Temple
Asheshwar Mahadev Temple

Many woodlands and kunds in the Braj circuit are thought to be the locations where Lord Krishna undertook infamous pastimes as a youngster. The Asheshwar Kund is one of the several kunds, and it is a popular divine attraction. Nandgaon, a popular pilgrimage site for Krishna followers, is supposed to be the location where Lord Krishna was protected from Kansa’s atrocities. The Asheshsvar kund, a tiny lake to the east of Nand Baag near the Nandbhavan temple, is located in this heavenly town. The lake’s emerald green water attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The almighty Asheshwar Mahadev temple is across this pious lake.

The Shva Linga, Lord Shiva’s phallic form, is worshipped in the Asheshwar Mahadev Temple Nandgaon. Lord Shiva is revered as the Universe’s defender and destroyer in Hindu mythology and beliefs. Shiva is said to be the one who can be readily gratified by his devotees, despite being in tranquil meditation. Prajanya Maharaj, a Shiv devotee, performed a difficult ritual in order to satisfy Lord Shiva. Every day, he would bathe in the kund and then worship Lord Shiva here. The King’s unwavering devotion pleased Shiva, who rewarded him with five sons who possessed all the virtues. One of Parjanya Maharaj’s grandchildren is Lord Krishna, the supreme force and Braj’s favourite. The Asheshwar temple in Nandgaon is said to be the one that bestows eternal wisdom, peace, and devotion on pilgrims. Every pilgrim who comes to this soul-soothing temple receives Lord Asheshwar mahadev’s immortal blessings, which they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Asheshwar Mahadev Temple Timings– Open all the time for Visitors.

Pavana Sarovar

Pavana Sarovar nandgaon
Pavana Sarovar

Pavana Sarovar is one of the most enticing tourist spots in Nandgaon, Mathura, due to its exquisite ambiance and solitude. A holy dip in the water here is said to sanctify one’s mind, body, and soul. It is located on the main road to Kamavan. Pavan Gopa, the father of Vishakha (one of Radha’s acquaintances and Lord Krishna’s love interest), created this beautiful lake, which is now known as Pavana Sarovar. Pavana Sarovar is also known as the ‘Purifying Lake.’ No one leaves without having a bath in the clean water; such is the regard this spot holds in the hearts of worshippers. Lord Krishna and his companions used to bring their livestock to this prominent devotional location in Nandgaon after they returned from the pastures, according to folklore.

Another legend associated with this well-known tourist attraction in Nandgaon claims that Lord Krishna’s father, Nand Maharaj Ji, once intended to pay a visit to King Prayagraj. He also desired to take a holy bath in the strange confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati in Prayagraj, which is today known as Triveni Sangam. He devised a strategy to visit the location. Lord Krishna, not wanting to be apart from his father, requested that he pay him a visit on the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya. On Akshay Tritiya, however, Nand Maharaj was startled to discover King Prayagraj in his town, who had come to take a sacred plunge in the Pavana Sarovar’s water Nand Maharaja Ji decided to bathe in the water of Pavana Sarovar instead of visiting Sangam after learning of its piety. In addition to the lake, Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya’s seat can be visited. Nandgaon’s Pavan Bihari temple, which is located on the lake’s northern side, is also a popular pilgrimage destination.

Pawan Sarovar Timings– Open all the time for visitors

As you can see, there are many best places to visit in Nandgaon, so all you have to do now is plan a vacation to this sacred land for upcoming holidays.

Vrinda Devi Temple Nandgaon

This is very ancient temple in Nandgaon. This temple belongs to Shrimati Vrinda Devi. It is said that Vrinda Devi arranges daily playing activities things for shri Krishna and Shri Radha Rani. This temple has a small water body called Vrinda Kund.


This temple is 1 K.M far from Nandgaon.

Vrinda Devi Temple Timings

DaysTimings- Morning to Evening
Sunday6 A.M to 8 P.M
Monday6 A.M to 8 P.M
Tuesday6 A.M to 8 P.M
Wednesday6 A.M to 8 P.M
Thursday6 A.M to 8 P.M
Friday6 A.M to 8 P.M
Saturday6 A.M to 8 P.M

Moti Kund Nandgaon

Moti Kund Nandgaon

Moti Kund is a tourist attraction in Nandgaon. it is the Kund of pearls. it has a story behind the name.
when Shiv Ji came to Nandgaon to have the darshan of Lord Krishan. Shiv Ji was in the guise of a saint then he visited Nand Bhawan. when Shiv Ji asked to have the darshan of Lord Krishna then Yasoja Ji denies for darshan and said if Krishna sees you then he can fear. she gave alms to shiv Ji. shiv Ji went from there. On the way, they spread the alms on a place and the alms convert into Motis. this place is called Moti Kund Nandgaon.

Things to do in Nandgaon

There are many things to do in Nandgaon like temple sightseeing, and eating village desi food and sweets. Nandgaon is a rural area so you can see the natural beauty of Farms and visit nearby villages.


Why is Nandgaon Famous?

Nandgaon is a major religious destination, owing to its togetherness with Lord Krishna’s life. Nandgaon village was settled by Nand Maharaj (father of Shri Krishna), it is located at the top of Nandishwar Hill, where Shri Krishna grew up. Every people in India and most people abroad celebrate the life of Lord Krishna, Nandgaon is also famous for its Lathmar Holi and its wonderful festive session. Especially during Holi, many tourists come here and join many cultural programs.

What is special about Nandgaon?

Nandgaon is a historical town in the Mathura district. Nandgaon is a religious center in Braj Bhoomi. It is believed that Krishna grew up in Nandgaon with his family. Nandgaon was named after Nand Baba (father of Lord Krishna).
Nandgaon is famous for its festive session also, as Holi is a Hindu festival that is celebrated each year at starting of the spring session (beginning of March), and signifies love and the conclusive battle between good and evil…

How many steps are there in Nandgaon?

It is a gratifying temple. It has approximately 225 steep steps up, gracefully as well as a peaceful place with the very powerful idol of Radha- Krishna.

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