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Planning a trip to visit Mathura and nearby tourist places. Here is the best guide for you. In this blog, I will cover all the temples and places’ names step by step so you can travel without wasting your time. I am a local who lives nearby Nandgaon and Barsana.

3 Days Trip From Delhi Ncr To Mathura, Vrindavan, Goverdhan, Barsana, Nandgaon, Kosi Kalan Shanidev Temple- Complete Guide

Day-1 – Temples and places that you cover first day (Vrindavan, Mathura)

Route Delhi to Mathura 

There are 2 routes by road from Delhi to easily reach Mathura. 

First, route-you can come through NH2 via Palwal, Kosi Kalan, and Chaumuha. The distance between Badarpur Border to Mathura is 130 K.M. If you are coming from this route it takes 2.30 hours to reach Mathura without any traffic interruption. 

How Many Toll TAX between Delhi to Mathura via NH2

There are 3 toll taxes between Delhi to Mathura via NH2.

1. the First one is on the Badarpur Border, Car toll tax of 26 rupees.

2. the second one is on Palwal, 120 rupees for a car

3. the Third one is on Hodal

2nd Route Via Yamuna Expressway. Exit from Raya cut people call it Mathura cut as well. The distance between Delhi to Mathura is 183 K.M via Yamuna Expressway.

There are 3 Toll Taxes between Delhi to Mathura.

Train Route to Mathura

If you are going to Mathura by train. There are lots of trains go to Mathura from New Delhi Railway Station such as Swarna Jayanti Exp, FZR- CSMT and many more.

Once you reach Mathura Junction then take an auto for Bhuteshwar and start your trip.

Once you reached Mathura then start visiting temples and tourist places of Mathura step by step which I am sharing below- 

Road map to mathura

Mathura Temples and Tourist places Diagram – 

Shree Krishna Janamsthan (Janambhumi Mathura) 

Bhuteshawar Mahadev (Near Janam Bhumi)

Dwarkadheesh Mandir

Birla Mandir

Kali Mandir

Rangeshwar Mahadev Temple

Vrindavan Tourism places and Temples (Mathura to Vrindavan)

After visiting these places you can take Mathura to the Vrindavan route which is 15 K.M far from Mathura. If you don’t have a personal vehicle then take auto Mathura to Vrindavan. They charge around 20 rupees for Vrindavan.

Vrindavan Temples and Tourist places Diagram – Step by Step

Pagal Baba Temple

Govind Dev Ji Temple

Shani Bihari Temple

Bihari Ji Temple

Radha Raman Temple

Gauriya Math


Iskcon Temple

Prem Mandir

Lotus Temple Vrindavan

Akshaya Patra

Vaishno Devi Temple

Day 2nd – Vrindavan to Govardhan 

Once you visit the Mathura and Vrindavan then start your journey to Govardhan. Check why is Govardhan famous and the story behind it. I asked people about the Govardhan Story which is very Interesting. Goverdhan is 23 K.M far from Vrindavan. 

Govardhan Parikrama

Govardhan parikrama distance is 21 K.M. All the temples are in parikrama. Local people tell the parikrama distance in kos. 1 kos has 3 K.M. so the prikrima distance is 7 kos.after reaching the Govardhan. You can start your parikrama. There are facilities to parikrama from rickshaw or auto. If you want to enjoy every temple so do the parikrama on foot. There are facilities for foot massages along the way. 

Govardhan Temples and places Step by step- 

Start your Prikima from Dhanghati Temple which is 12 K.M (4 Kos).

Dhanghati Temple→ Prikima Start→Govind Kund→Maha Prabhu Ji ki baithak→Look Look Dau Ji→Entry in Rajasthan→Puchhari ka Lautha Mandir→Jatipuragaon→Shurbhi Kund→Indra Maan Mandir→Mukharbind→Shri Naath Ji Mandir→Satya Narayan Mandir→Entry in Goverdhan→ 3 Kos Prikrma Start→Uddav Kund→Radha Kund→ Radha Krishan Kund→ Krishan Sarovar→Har Gopal Mandir→Mukhar Bind→Mansi Ganga.

Now Prikirma ends here. After the parikrama, you are exhausted. Take rest. There are Dharamshala and hotels. 

Day 3rd- Goverdhan to Barsana

The distance between Govardhan to Barsana is 20 K.M. Barsana is the place of Radha Rani Ji. There are so many historical places and many more. Once you reach Barsana, talk to locals and ask about the glory of Radha Rani Temple Barsana, why is Barsana famous and what are places to visit in Barsana.

Barsana Places and Temples- 

There is parikrama at approx 3 K.M. You will find many temples in Prikrima 

Radha Rani Temple→Raja ka Mahal→Maan Mandir→Mor Kuti→Dan Bihari Temple→Radha Kushal Bihari Temple→Kirti Mandir- Rangeeli Mahal.

Barsana to Nandgaon- 

After visiting the Barsana your Journey start towards Nandgaon where you can have a darshan of Nandbaba Temple. The distance between Nandgaon to Barsana is 10 K.M. Explore best places of Nandgaon.

Nandgaon Temples- 

Nandbaba Temple- →Yasoda Nandan Temple→Naga Maharaj Temple→Ek Pran do Delhi Temple→NarSingh Bhagwan Temple→BihariJi Mandir→ Pawan Sarovar→Vrinda Devi Mandir→Aseshwar Mahadev→Moti Kund→Yasoda Kund→Krishan Kund

After visiting these places you will travel towards Kosi Kalan which is 10 K.M far from Nandgaon. there is a temple between Nandgaon and Kosi Kalan. Shani Dev Kokilavan Temple is 3 to 4 K.M far from Nandgaon. Don’t miss to visit the Shani dev temple.

Now, take NH2 to reach Delhi or your places Delhi is 100 K.M far from Kosi Kalan. 

If you are travelling by public vehicle then take a bus or auto from Nandgaon to reach Kosi Kalan. After reaching kosi Kalan. You can take the train to Delhi or take the bus from main road NH2. 

Note: if you are visiting Temple for any places try to visit temples in the Morning or Evening because you go in Noon you will find that doors are closed or you can search timings.

This is the complete information and I gather this information from every place. Enjoy your Journey.

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