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Shri Radha Rani Temple is a Hindu temple in Barsana, Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is also known as Shriji (Shreeji) Temple and Shri Laadli Lal Temple. The temple is dedicated to Radha, the Hindu goddess. Her birthplace is thought to be Barsana. Shri Laadli Lal (means beloved daughter and son), another name for Radha Krishna, is the temple’s main deity. 

Radha Rani Shri Ji Temple

The temple is located on the top of the Bhanugarh hills, which are approximately 250 metres in height. 

The temple attracts a large number of devotees and tourists from all over the world during its most popular festivals, Radhashtami and Lathmar Holi.

About Barsana

The historical site of Barsana is located in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Because it is where the Hindu goddess Radha (Lord Krishna’s spouse) was born, the city is known as the Radha Rani Birthplace. Barsana is also known for the Lathmar Holi, a significant Holi celebration.

Barsana is also known as Vrishabhanupura, which was named after Shri Radha’s father, Vrishabhanu Maharaj. In the town, there are several religious and historical attractions to visit.

Shri Radha Rani Temple Barsana Timings

The Radha Rani Temple is open to the public for free. Here you can check everyday Timings as I confirm with the Temple authority. These are the updated timings. if you are coming please follow these times.

Shri Radha Rani Barsana Temple Timings in the summer season –

Opening Time: 5:00 AM – 1:30 PM (Morning), 4:30 PM – 9:00 PM (Evening)

Mangla Aarti: 5:00 AM

Sharangar Aarti: 7:30 AM

Rajbhog: 1:30 PM

Uthapan: 4:30 PM

Sandhya Aarti: 7:30 PM

Shayan Aarti: 9:00 PM

Shri Radha Rani Barsana Temple Time Table in winter season –

Opening Time: 6:00 AM – 1:30 PM (Morning), 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM (Evening)

Mangla Aarti: 6:00 AM

Sharangar Aarti: 8:30 AM

Rajbhog: 1:30 PM

Uthapan: 4:30 PM

Sandhya Aarti: 6:00 PM

Shayan Aarti: 8:00 PM


With its arches, pillars, and red sandstone, the Shriji Temple exemplifies the flamboyance of Mughal architecture. This Lovely Radha Rani Shreeji temple was built in a popular architectural style of the period. With magnificent hand carvings, majestic arches, domes, and beautiful murals on its inner walls and ceilings, the temple has the appearance of a vast palace. The temple’s stones are a mix of red and white stones. Radha and Krishna’s love is symbolised by them.

My Experience at Radha Rani Temple Barsana

I was in Barsana at my friend’s house. His home was 500 metres away from the Shri Radha Rani Shreeji temple. We went to visit the temple. He suggested that I start Barsana Temple parikrama before visiting the temple. In the way of Parikrama, there are lots of temples like Maan Temple that is on the hill, Mor Kuti, Raja ka Mahal and more. Then we reached the Temple. we got the darshan of Shri Radha rani and Shri Krishna. That moment was so good for me. There were a lot of crowds in the temple. As the temple is on the top of the hill so I got an opportunity to explore the entire Barsana. We had a photoshoot in the courtyard of the temple. After that, we took prasad and went to the market. Lassi was very popular in Barsana. I purchased Peda and Shri Radha Krishan Posters for my home.

Entry Fee

No Entry Fee

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Shriji Temple varies depending on the weather. Visiting Barsana in the summer is a good idea. However, keep in mind that it may become rather heated. As a result, it appears that the best season to visit Barsana is during the winter. And if you want to attend the Radhashtami or Holi festivities, visit Barsana in September or March, respectively.

Festivals at Radha Rani Temple

The Radha Rani main festivals are Radhashtami and Krishna Janmashtami, which commemorate Radha and Krishna’s birthdays. Each of these days, the temple is decorated with flowers, balloons, and lights. The gods are decked out in new outfits and jewellery sets. Radha Krishna is offered 56 different dishes, also known as “Chappan Bhog,” after performing “Aarti,” which is subsequently distributed to the devotees as “Prasada.”

Lathmar Holi, in addition to Radhastami and Janmashtami, is a significant temple festival. Lathmar Holi draws thousands of devotees and visitors to the sanctuary. Holi in Barsana starts a week before the festival’s formal start date and continues till Rang Panchami.

Radha Rani Temple Location and Significance

The Shri Radha Rani Temple is located in Barsana, Uttar Pradesh, on Radha Bagh Marg (India). For Krishna believers, it is a sacred spot.

A devotee is transported from this world to the divine dwelling by the dedication shown during the festivities. In July/August, thousands of devotees from all across the country come to Vrindavan to celebrate Radha Rani’s birthday.

How to Reach Radha Rani Barsana Temple

Mathura is a lively small town about 60 kilometres from Agra and 100 kilometres from Delhi. It is one of India’s most popular pilgrimage locations, featuring a cluster of temples positioned close together. Mathura commands a significant presence among the throngs of visitors that visit this devout ‘Bhoomi’ every year as the birthplace of Lord Krishna.

Railway: Mathura Railway Station is the nearest railway station. Shri Radha Rani temple is about 51 kilometres away. To get to the Temple, you can rent a cab in Mathura-Vrindavan.

By Road:If you are coming towards Delhi then Kosi Kalan is the perfect railway station for you. The distance between Kosi Kalan and Barsana is 19 K.M. From Kosi Kalan, you can pick up an auto or bus to reach Barsana easily.

Airport: The closest airport is the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The temple is roughly 150 kilometres away and can come from the Agra Airport which is approx 100 K.M away from Barsana.

Way To Barsana Temple from Several Places

The Distance between Nandgaon to Barsana Temple is approx 10 K.M

The Distance between Kokilavan Shani Temple Kosi Kalan to Barsana Temple is approx 15 K.M

The Distance between Kosi Kalan to Barsana Temple is approx 20 K.M

The Distance between Govardhan to Barsana Temple is approx 38 K.M

The Distance between Mathura to Barsana Temple is approx 50 K.M

The Distance between Agra to Barsana Temple is approx 117 K.M

The Distance between Delhi to Barsana Temple is approx 155 K.M via NH2

The Distance between Vrindavan to Barsana Temple is approx 55 K.M

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