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An Overview Of The Ajaygarh Fort

Ajaygarh Fort is an ancient fort located in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna district, 30 kilometers from Panna and approx 75 kilometers from Khajuraho. Ajaygarh Fort is one of the region’s top tourist attractions. 

Ajaygarh Fort, at a height of 688 meters, is built on a flat-topped projection of the Vindhya ranges. It was the Chandelas’ final capital. The fort is surrounded by the scenic Vindhya Hills and offers breathtaking views of the Ken River. This magnificent fort is known for its rich historical past and architectural beauty, which reveals all about the Chandela dynasty.

The fort has plenty to explore, making it a must-see for history lovers. The original Ajaygarh Fort had five gates, but there’s only two remaining. Inside the fort, there are two temples and two rock-cut tanks. Ganga and Yamuna are the names of these tanks. A ruined Chandela temple dedicated to Raja Parmardi deva is nearby. Three ruined Khajuraho-style Jain temples have been discovered here. The fort walls were built with large, dressed stones and no visible mortar.

To reach the fort’s entrance, one must climb 600 steep steps. At the top, there are no signboards, maps, information sources, or human habitation. Because it is not a developed area, one must bring water and food with them.

Additional Information: 

  • Address- Ajaygarh Fort, Chhatarpur District, Khajuraho, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Timings- Monday to Sunday: 6:00 AM- 6:00 PM
  • Entry fees- no entry fees
  • Duration- 2.5-3 Hrs

My Experience With Panna ka Kila!

Ajaygarh Fort

We started from Bhopal to Khajuraho by train because panna is not connected to the railways so the nearest railway station from panna and Ajaygarh is khajuraho.I was with my family and  It was really fun being with family and going to some historical places like Ajaygarh fort. We reached Khajuraho by early morning and then decided to take a local bus ride as Panna is  approximately 45 kilometres from Khajuraho and after reaching panna we took another bus ride for ajaygarh fort as ajaygarh fort is 30 kilometres apart from panna district.

All through the journey we enjoyed scenic beauty of hill ranges stretched over miles and panna national park,

After 2-3 hours of total bus ride we finally reached Ajaygarh fort. And now comes the most challenging part of the journey as we had to climb 600 steep steps to reach the fort’s entrance. Though the fort is under the protection of the ASI, no maintenance or care is given to it. The fort’s main gate appeared to be intact but in poor condition as we moved inside, and the view from the top of the fort was amazing and calm. We continued on and went up to see the two rock cut tanks, GANGA and YAMUNA, where water is stored; this was done because the area experienced famines and malaria from time to time.

We came across a monolithic rock cut sculpture of Tantric Ganesha after climbing a few more uneven steps. 

Exploring the area further, we came across the ‘Ajaypal Talab.’ The area inside the fort is inhabited by locals, who live in a few huts here and there and do not normally interact with outsiders. 

A tree called ‘PANCHMUKHI SHIVA LINGA’ is worshipped by all.

The following stop is a rock cut representation of KAMDHENU (the gau mentioned in Hindu mythology), the various forms of Shakti such as Maheshwari, Parvati, and so on. Last but not least, my favourite spot was the Chandella era temples, which have been dismantled but still look elegant (these temples are locally known as Rangmahal) and are built in the same pattern of architecture (Nagara style of architecture) with beautiful carvings.

After completing exploration of the whole fort we all sat and had refreshments and some tea at local shops, the overall experience was great and mesmerising. If you are a history lover and love to explore historical places then you must visit this place.

What Is The History Of Ajaygarh Fort?

During the British Raj, Ajaigarh was the capital of a princely state of the same name. Guman Singh, a Bundela Rajput and the nephew of Raja Pahar Singh of Jaitpur, created Ajaigarh in 1765. After the British seized Ajaigarh in 1809, it became a princely state in the Central India Agency’s Bundelkhand Agency. In 1901, it had a population of 78,236 and an area of 771 square miles. The monarchs were known as Sawai maharajas. The chief lived in Nowgong, near the hill fortress of Ajaigarh, which gave rise to the state’s name.

This fort, built on a big hill, peaks more than 800 feet above the original township and houses the foundations of multiple temples with carved stone sculptures. Malaria affected the area frequently, and hunger struck in 1868-69 and 1896-97.

On January 1, 1950, the state acceded to the Government of India, and the courteous use of his styles and titles began. All of these advantages were withdrawn by the government of India in 1971, at the same time that all former princes’ privileges were revoked. The old princely state was absorbed into the new Indian state of Vindhya Pradesh, and most of the former state’s territory, including the town of Ajaigarh, became part of the Panna District, with a smaller section going to Chatarpur

What Is The Best And Safest Way To Reach Panna Ka Kila?

Via Air

 Panna is not well connected to the country’s other major cities by regular flights. At a distance of 40 kilometers, the nearest airport is Khajuraho Airport.

Via Rail

 Panna does not have its own railway station. The nearest railway station is 40 kilometers away, at Khajuraho. Satna Railway Junction, 75 kilometres away, is the nearest significant railway junction. It is part of the Jabalpur Division and is well-connected to major cities throughout the country, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Bhopal, and Allahabad.

Via Road 

Panna is located on National Highway 39, which runs from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh to Ranchi in Bihar (Chhattisgarh). Regular bus service to Bhopal and Indore is accessible from Panna, and it is well connected to other important cities.

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